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Kevin Wilson’s experience, artistic flair and creativity have established him as one of Europe’s leading portrait photographers.

He has the rare distinction of being a Fellow in all three major photography organizations in the UK – The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), the Master Photographers Association (MPA) and the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). And uniquely he attained his Fellowship in two separate photographic disciplines – portraiture and wedding photography with the BIPP and MPA. He was Chairman of the MPA Qualification Board for five years.

Kevin is one of the UK’s highest award winning photographers having won the Kodak UK Portrait Photographer of the Year on numerous occasions and 17 Kodak European Gold Awards of Excellence. He has also been honored as a Finalist in the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Competition for outstanding creative and technical achievement in the field of photography.

His clear understanding of composition, the use of available light and attention to pose and form leads to a real sense of poise throughout his images.


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